• Leichhardt’s Brass: 60 minute radio program by Jane Ulman featuring spoken-voice recordings by Jochen for ABC RadioNational – Listen
  • Country of the Mind: 60 minute radio program by Jane Ulman featuring spoken-voice recordings by Jochen for ABC RadioNational – Listen
  • Nachmittag: 15 minute collaboration with Jochen Arbeit for FBI Radio program Ears Have Ears – Listen
  • The Whistler And The Traffic Lights: 18 minute Hörspiel for ABC Classic FM program The Listening Room
  • Solo for Voice and Processing: 21 minute live-to-air solo vocal performance for 2MBS program Furthermore
  • Soundtrack for an Imaginary Movie: 20 minute soundtrack for FBI Radio program Sunday Night At The Movies


Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutsch (2015-ongoing) is a duo that has produced three conceptual digital EPs for Wood & Wire and Tenzenmen. All sounds are based on Andy’s spoken words with music/sounds created by Jochen. In addition, the duo collaborated with sound artist Lawrence English for a trio EP released by Indonesian tape label Hasana Editions in 2020.

Buckethead (1993-2000, with Hilmar Voigt, Patrick Kempf, Birger Löhl) was a progressive German indie-rock band (not the US guitarist of the same name). We played shows with Melt-Banana!, All, Ninewood, Saccharine Trust, Rhythm Pigs, Helios Creed, Janitor Joe, The Notwist, Hammerhead, Big Chief, But Alive, and others. The band released a CD EP, two full-length CDs, and a vinyl 7″EP on Epistrophy, plus some compilation tracks. Hilmar later joined Hinterlandt in its trio incarnation.

Feedback Recycling (1988-1992, with Henning Bosse, Martin Ullrich) started as a grind-core band but soon developed into a math-rock band. We played many shows with bands like Flipper, AxCx, Godflesh, Kong, and many others, and released a 7″EP and a 7″Split EP with Mutant Gods on Ecocentric, plus some compilation tracks.

Home Of The Lame (1995-1996, with Felix Gebhard) started as a lo-fi home recording duo. I soon left the project while Felix continued, releasing many albums and touring extensively. The original duo line-up released three cassette tapes on N.Ur-Kult. Felix later joined Hinterlandt as bass player in its trio incarnation.

Professor (1992-1993, with Tim Ilsemann, Martin Ullrich) was a semi-ironic death-core band. We released a vinyl 7″ EP on Epistrophy, which was later released as a 3″ CD by Tumult in the US.

Suckspeed (1992-1994, with Michael Bothe, Oliver Betram) was a metal/hardcore band. I was their live guitarist for about 25 shows and appeared as a guest on two of their albums.


  • 2022 Jamie Hutchings (studio / trumpet)
  • 2019 Seims (studio / trumpet)
  • 2012 Agnes Kain (live, studio / trumpet, guitar, effects)
  • 2011 Mark Moldre (live, studio / trumpet, effects, backing vocals)
  • 2010 Sophie Hutchings (live / guitar, trumpet)
  • 2010 Violence in Action (live / guitar, trumpet)
  • 2010 Panda Diplomacy (studio / trumpet)
  • 2010 Godswounds (studio / trumpet)
  • 2009 Splinter Orchestra (live / guitar, sounds)
  • 2007 Home Of The Lame (live / trumpet, effects)
  • 1999 Party Diktator (live / guitar)
  • 1999 Czech (live, studio / guitar)
  • 1994 Numbfire (live, studio / guitar, backing vocals)
  • 1993 Start-Stop (studio / guitar, vocals)
  • 1993 Geteilte Köpfe (studio / trumpet)
  • 1992 Fear Of God (live / guitar)


Franz Kafka’s “Amerika” novel was staged by Johann Kresnik at Bremer Theater. The play’s setting included an installation based on sounds by Jochen Gutsch and photography by Julia Baier.