HINTERLANDT: International Women’s Jazz Festival

Some years ago, when Hinterlandt grew from a solo project into an ensemble, I decided that I would aim to have a female majority in the band. Most of my previous bands had been made up of male members, and there’s no good explanation why this should be the case. Since then at least half of Hinterlandt band members have been be female. Now we’ve been invited to play at SIMA’s International Women’s Jazz Festival. In addition to this Sydney show we’ll play in Katoomba, Tomerong and Canberra to road-test some new material and to introduce violinist, Isabel Tzorbatzaki.

02 Nov 2022 | Sydney | SIMA International Women’s Jazz Festival | Support: Keyna Wilkins
12 Nov 2022 | Katoomba | Pigeon Lane (dinner & show package)
19 Nov 2022 | Tomerong | Tomerong Hall | Support: Nicole Smede
20 Nov 2022 | Canberra | Smith’s Alternative (1pm matinée show) | Support: Sebastian Field